Wall-mounted data display and logging unit for UniLux, TriLux and UViLux fluorometers.

Set-up long-term monitoring stations for your Chelsea fluorometers with the Watchkeeper wall-mounted unit.

Watchkeeper is a compact wall-mounted display unit that provides real-time data display, power and logging for UniLux, TriLux and UViLux fluorometers.

The colour touchscreen shows real-time data for up to three parameters. You can set red, amber and green alarm thresholds, with on-board relays for connection to audible alarms or control valves.

Data is logged at rates that you set on a 2GB removable SD card which can also be accessed via USB cable. Three 4-20 mA outputs enable transmission to a user database or control system.

Features & Applications


  • Compact wall-mounted unit
  • Real-time data display, power and logging for UniLux, TriLux and UViLux fluorometers
  • Backlit colour touchscreen display
  • Up to three 4-20 mA outputs
  • User-configurable alarms
  • 2GB data storage
  • Adjustable logging rates
  • Data averaging and acquisition intervals are user configurable



Display.                                                320 x 240 pixel qVGA backlit LCD

Display size.                                     70 x 50 mm

Size                                                         200 x 110 x 60 mm

Weight                                                  900 g

Memory capacity                          2 GB

Logging Rate                                     User configurable

IP rating                                                IP67

Voltage input                                    24 Vdc

Power (excluding sensor)       1 W @ 24 Vdc

Operating temperature            -20 °C to 55 °C


The Watchkeeper delivery pack includes a Watchkeeper unit, power cable with mains adapter (24 Vdc), fitting instructions and operating manual.