Highly sensitive compact fluorometer for Chlorophyll and algae monitoring, and dye tracer detection.


UniLux is a low cost, miniature fluorometer for monitoring Chlorophyll a, other algae pigments, and common tracer dyes. The highly sensitive sensors indicate small changes in the parameters at very low concentrations. Robust ambient light and turbidity rejection ensure suitability in a wide variety of water environments.


Features & Applications



  • Highly sensitive miniature fluorometer
  • Low cost solution for algae monitoring and dye detection at low concentrations
  • Real-time data output in μg/l
  • User configurable sampling frequency from 0.1 Hz to 3 Hz
  • Robust ambient light and turbidity rejection
  • Data display and logging with Hawk and Watchkeeper accessories


  • In situ chlorophyll & algae class studies
  • Monitoring within water treatment plants
  • Taste & odour issues
  • Environment & water quality monitoring
  • Monitoring spatial & temporal changes in algae class composition
  • Early warning of bloom detection
  • Dye tracing
  • Particulate studies
  • Process control
  • Integration within marine CTDs, AUVs and towed vehicles