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We are a unique supplier to the world of Monitoring water. Looking closely at Hydrocarbon detection, Operational Oceanography, and Environmental Monitoring.


Our Instruments mainly measure a wide range of parameters through the Excitation and Emission of specified wave lengths. Whether it be estimates in Gross Primary Productivity in phytoplankton, Chlorophyll-a, Hydrocarbons, BTEX, Tryptophan, CDOM, Florescent dyes, Rhodamine, or Turbidity. And lastly, mechanical Wipers to keep the Optical lenses free of Debris.


This has opened up many new business sectors that need monitoring. We provide complete Real-Time systems that can alert the user and are already currently implemented by Waste Water Management Industry and State Utility Companies.




Market leading biological and chemical fluorometers for in situ deployment …


Active Fluorometers

Chelsea are pioneers in the development of variable fluorescence for monito …



Chelsea provides a range of compact PAR, turbidity and bioluminescence sens…


Integrated Systems

Chelsea’s DNV-GL Type Approved Sea Sentry wash water monitoring system f…



Chelsea Technologies specialises in the design of underwater transducer tec…


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