Rugged, hand-held display with data logger for UniLux, TriLux and UViLux fluorometers.

Take your Chelsea fluorometers into the field with the Hawk hand-held display. The Hawk is a compact, hand-held display unit for UniLux, TriLux and UviLux fluorometers. Hawk provides power and data logging, as well as displaying real-time data for up to 3 parameters. Data is shown on the colour touchscreen display along with time, location and battery duration. ‘At a glance’ trend analysis is easy with the graph function.

You can programme red, amber and green data thresholds and bespoke calibration factors, making it easy to customise the unit for your application. Suitable for use in all weather environments, Hawk requires minimal interaction and can even be used with gloves on!.

Features & Applications


  • Real-time data display, power and logging for UniLux, TriLux and UViLux fluorometers
  • Backlit, colour touchscreen LCD display suitable for use with gloved hands
  • Data displayed in numerical or graphical form
  • Simple date, time and GPS logging
  • User adjustable logging rates
  • User configurable red, amber and green data thresholds
  • User programmable calibration
  • 2 GB data storage capacity
  • Rechargeable battery pack or primary cells
  • Data averaging and acquisition intervals are user configurable



Hawk Display                              320 x 240 pixel qVGA backlit LCD

Display size                                   70 x 50 mm

Size                                                     210 x 110 x 45 mm

Weight.                                            500 g

Memory capacity.                    2 GB

Logging Rate.                               User configurable

IP rating                                             IP67

Battery duration.                       Sensor dependent

Operating temperature.       -2 °C to 40 °C

Storage temperature.           -40 °C to 70 °C

PC interface                                  USB

Power.                                               Internal rechargeable battery (supplied) or 4 x AA    cells (on request)


Delivery pack includes Hawk, USB cable/charging cable, mains charger and Hawk PC software.