Measure bioluminescence for harmful algal bloom tracking and biomass studies.


Detect bioluminescence from dinoflagellates and similar organisms with the Glowtraka bioluminometer. Originally developed by Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the UK, Glowtracka is a robust and sensitive detector primarily used for the assessment of bioluminescent algae within the marine environment.


GlowTracka’s precision flow meter stimulates bioluminescent organisms – principally dinoflagellates. The instrument measures the light flashes as the organisms pass the detector, giving photon level sensitivity. GlowTracka is highly flexible in its deployment options, including moorings, profiling (with pumped system) or deployment in towed vehicles.


Features & Applications



  • Highly sensitive bioluminometer
  • Small and rugged for ease of integration within wider systems
  • Low power consumption
  • Interface for flow sensor


  • Biomass studies
  • Bioluminescent species abundance
  • Harmful algal bloom detection
  • Toxic algae bloom tracking