Creating the conservation leaders of tomorrow – Darwin200

Creating the conservation leaders of tomorrow – Darwin200

Darwin200 is a planetary conservation initiative, which aims to change the world. It will create the next 200 pioneers of global science and conservation, by giving them a life-changing experience, which will inspire and empower them to change their lives and give them the skills they need to help conserve the world of tomorrow.

The voyage is to set sail around the circumferance of England researching,diving and sampling beaches along the way. They will be closley looking at the impacts of human activities on the ocean and collecting information on marine species, taxonomy and plastic pollution.

And of course sampling wouldnt be complete without profile collections of  phytoplankton within the water column. One of the pieces of equipment on board notably is a TriLux hand held device from Chelsea Technologies.  This allows them categorise levels of photosynthetic algae within the water column. This provides them an overaboundance of data relating to pollution, water quality and algae concentrations.

To read more about the Darwin200 and thier voyage:

Darwin200 (

To read about the TriLux multi-wavelength mini algae sensor :

Prairie Ocean Tech | TriLux


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