About Us

We protect water.


Providing industry-leading water quality sensor systems and expertise is our strength. Our team of experts works closely with you to develop and assist in implementing a uniquely designed solution that’s right for you. Helping solve and monitor water quality issues is what we do.



Whether it’s a custom-designed solution, specialized sensor or complete system our instruments lead the way when it comes to monitoring water parameters with the use of both single or multi-wavelength technologies.



We bridge technology and academia by implementing a solutions-based approach to designing and supplying water sensor systems. We will partner with you to ensure that your project requirements are clearly articulated and through our entrepreneurial approach, build trust with consistent and timely project support you can rely on.


About our Team

Prairie Ocean has been operating for 15 years and works closely with a UK team that has over 50 years of experience in the field. From humble beginnings in electronics to our current day specialization in the latest water monitoring tech we bring an unparalleled combination of time tested experience and hands on know-how to the table. All while still maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset.


Our founder and team leader Andrea Zappe has deep knowledge in the field of oceanography and water monitoring. Motivated by her passion to help protect our marine ecosystem she has dedicated decades of her life working in and with the water quality industry to help protect our waters from pollutants, maintain compliance with everchanging environmental regulations and monitor the state of our marine environments.

It’s our unique, solutions based approach at Prairie Ocean that makes the best in our field.


  • Cutting edge technology
  • Long calibration stability
  • Real-time output and biofouling options
  • Robust ambient light turbidity rejection
  • Proven experience with third party integrations
  • IOAT / Satellite / SCADA / SDI-12/ 4-20mA/ Digital / Analogue compatibility
  • Extensive knowledge regarding grants and grant applications
  • Professional pride and accountability at the highest level

Contact us today to learn more about how Prairie Ocean Technologies can partner with you to address all your water monitoring and testing project needs.